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    Your wife loves when he drips on your face…

    Front row tickets to the show, and definitely in the splash zone for anything that anything that drips off.  What a lucky cuck

    Oh wie liebe ich es die Sahne direkt von der spritzenden Quelle zu trinken - ganz besonders, wenn der fette Luemmel vorher über meinen Augen ein geiles und enges Fötzchen oder Poloch gefickt und vollgespritzt hat und ich es dann auch noch auslutschen kann!!!

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    I love this position with my wife and our friend mike

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    Your husband had been fucking Veronica for almost an hour without cumming, and when he finally came, he came a lot. He was supposed to pull out his dick just in time and not cum in her, but he couldn’t resist to keep going. When he came he just kept fucking her harder and faster, pumping her up with his seed. Afterwards he collapsed on top of her, and kept his throbbing dick inside her for a couple of more minutes before he pulled it out. 

    - Ahh…I couldn’t help myself, her pussy was just so good that I had to stay inside her just a little too long… I came so hard deep inside her, her pussy is overflowing. Sorry honey… but if she becomes pregnant, she really wants to keep the baby. And you know I can’t say no to her, I love seeing her happy :)

    -This was why I wanted your husband to fuck me for an hour without cumming, I knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back in the end because it would feel too good :) I have planned for this to make it the perfect timing, because I’m ovulating right now! :) Aren’t you so happy for me?! Think about it - I will be having your husbands baby!! hahahaha! :)

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